About BioM

BioM has been offering its services as a non-profit network organisation for the biotechnology sector in Munich and Bavaria since 1997. On behalf of the Bavarian State Ministry of Economic Affairs, BioM acts as a catalyst at the interface of scientific research and application in business. BioM focuses on supporting company founders as well as developing an optimal environment provided by experienced entrepreneurs, multiple investors, funding institutions, and scientific or technological development partners.

In order to bring together both applied research (in particular clinical research) and enthusiastic partners from other areas of the health industry, BioM has been organising its own scientific conferences and events aimed at the more general public for many years now.

About the FORUM series

As a new series, BioM has developed the FORUM events that highlight basic biomedical research and application in diagnostics and therapy with different, current priorities.

FORUM Translational Medicine
The FORUM Translational Medicine is held every two years in Würzburg and allows speakers from hospitals and companies to present an up-to-date insight into research and development, as well as technical, regulatory and framework conditions. This is an opportunity to pay closer attention to the conditions and current highlights, as well as specific hurdles during the translation into the clinics, with regard to clinical application.

FORUM Science & Health
The first FORUM Science & Health took place in Fürstenfeldbruck in 2017; the event is held alternately with the FORUM Translational Medicine in Würzburg. The conference is a meeting point for all kinds of players from the health sector who want to take a holistic view of modern research in healthcare and technology, and discuss further implications for a future-oriented, interdisciplinary medicine.

The main topic is “personalized medicine”, which has brought about profound changes to traditional procedures in medicine and hospitals due to an enormous increase in knowledge of molecular biology, genetic analysis, and information technology. At the same time, fixed boundaries in medicine are increasingly being torn down and bridges need to be built between the evolving research areas. Therefore, interaction and networking are particularly important at FORUM Science & Health, which will next take place July 3 and 4, 2019 in Fürstenfeldbruck near Munich.