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Heat Stress

Heat Stress Webinars

LIVE: April 20, 2023 | 1:00 PM EDT

As temperatures continue to rise and extreme heat becomes more frequent, it's becoming increasingly important for employers to prioritize the...

What's your answer when OSHA asks "what's your plan"? Heat-related site visits continue to ramp up as part of the agency's...

Summer is here and that means being even more aware of safety hazards and challenges your workers will face every day. High heat, temperature...

Join Bubba Wolford as he discusses one of the most overlooked dangers in health and safety: dehydration. Bubba will walk you through the process of...

Heat Stress Downloads

Image for The Role of Hydration in Managing Hypertension and Diabetes
Workplace hazards vary across different industries and types of jobs. There is one, however, that can be present in any setting, regardless of the work being performed:...
Image for Sodium Intake and Long-Term Health Outcomes
Sodium plays an important role in allowing the human body to function properly, but most people are consuming far more than their bodies really need— and this can cause...
Image for Hot Weather Survival Guide
Each year, more than 600 people die in the United States due to extreme heat. This guide provides tips and tools for protecting workers in hot environments.
Image for The Essential Hydration Safety Cheatsheet & Dry Erase Poster
Let this hydration safety cheat sheet be your essential 'Go To' guide for everything hydration safety.

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