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Hearing Protection from a safety and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) perspective.

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Choosing appropriate hearing protection is essential for construction workers' health and well-being. This applies to both large construction...

Construction workers are often exposed to loud and prolonged noise, which can lead to hearing loss and other health complications. In this...

Your hearing is a vital part of your overall health, and it's important to take steps to protect it from noise exposure. Hearing protection comes...

Throughout the world, standards for hearing conservation programs can differ greatly, however, the core principles of an effective hearing...

Hearing Protection Q&As

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Answered by: Gina Gould | Content Writer & Marketing Strategist

What is NRR?

What is NRR?

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Answered by: Chris O'Donnell | Product Manager for Hearing Protection

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This whitepaper considers the socio-economic burden of noise-induced hearing loss on both workers and businesses, examining its causes, the risks it poses, and...

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